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  1. Hello Kitty iPad / Multiuse Case - Stripes / Checkered

    Hello Kitty iPad / Multiuse Case - Stripes / Checkered

    Regular Price: $21.95

    Special Price: $15.99

    Hello Kitty iPad / Multiuse Case - Stripes / Checkered A padded iPad case with a top opening which allows for secure fit. Can also be used to store anything within a 10 by 8.5m inch dimension. Designed with a black and white striped front cover and a black and red checkered design on the back with Hello Kitty on the bottom right corner. Comes with 2 zippers to open the top. - Airport friendly! - Form fitting neoprene with plush fur interior Learn More
  2. Fruit Friends Clip-on Plush

    Fruit Friends Clip-on Plush

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price: $9.99

    Fruit Friends Clip-on Plush Comes in 3 designs: Yellow Banana, Pink Peach, Red Watermelon. These plush items are in the shape of fruits with a clip to keep attached to a keychain! Options: - Yellow Banana (2.2x5.5x2 inch) - Pink Peach (3.5x4x2.25inch) - Red Watermelon (4.5x4x2.5inch) Learn More
  3. TingGu Cell Phone Charm

    TingGu Cell Phone Charm

    Regular Price: $3.00

    Special Price: $1.99

    TingGu Cell Phone Charm Comes in 2 colors: Sky Blue and Pink. Each charm is attached by a rope of the same color as the TingGu character. Includes a TingGu tag, a clip to detach the character charm. Each charm is slightly furry and soft to the touch, but the body is hard. - Sky Blue TingGu: Star-eyed, U-shaped smile, sky blue, light blue, and blue color scheme. - Pink TingGu: (^^) eyes with star-shaped cheeks, light pink, pink, darker pink color scheme. Learn More
  4. Phone / Tablet Ring Premium Kickstand
    Phone / Tablet Ring Premium Kickstand Comes in 4 colors: White, Blue, Gray, Pink. Each adhesive base is in the shape of a cute bunny with a mustache and a stable, resistant, silver ring in the middle of the nose. The ring has a flat base to stabilize on a flat surface to prop up the phone or tablet. This secure kickstand, once fasted onto a phone or tablet's backside, will be able to stay in position without rotating. The pivot of the ring can rotate, allowing the ring to face different directions when necessary and only when enough effort is put into rotating the ring. - Sturdy, stable ring stand - Cute Bunny Rabbit design with an adhesive back - Soft plastic - Colors: White, Blue, Gray, Pink Learn More
  5. Phone / Tablet Air Bag Telescopic Bracket
    Phone / Tablet Air Bag Telescopic Bracket Comes in 4 designs: Pink Face, White Duck, Brown Otter, Black Totoro. With an adhesive back, these brackets can stick to any smooth surface. Sturdy and stable, the tops can be pulled outward revealing enough space to get a grip around your phone or tablet. Can retract and pop out with enough effort as these brackets are very sturdy and lock into place. One placed in the desired location on the back of a phone or tablet, it is not easily removed. - Designs: Pink Face, White Duck, Brown Otter, Black Totoro - Pop-out and Retracting grips - Sturdy and resilient Learn More

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