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  1. Hello Kitty Visor

    Hello Kitty Visor

    Regular Price: $6.00

    Special Price: $2.99

    Hello Kitty Visor A small visor that stretches to fit around your head to block out some light. The plastic visor has a pink color scheme with black polka dots and a Hello Kitty icon right in the center. Next to the icon are many bows, "Hello Kitty", and the words "You have a way of brightening my day!" on it. There is padding around the part of the visor that makes contact with your head for a comfortable fit. Learn More
  2. Hello Kitty Pink Slippers

    Hello Kitty Pink Slippers

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $10.39

    Hello Kitty Pink Slippers A pink, thick-sole slipper that has a top plastic band to keep your fight situated inside. The sole of the slipper has heart designs that help grip your feet into the ground that mirror the grips that also hold your feet in the slipper. There is a Hello Kitty design on the top of each of the pink and tan polka-dotted band. Dimensions: 220mm is between 8 and 9 inches long. 250mm is between 9 and 10 inches long 3.1 inches wide Learn More
  3. Hello Kitty White Slippers

    Hello Kitty White Slippers

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price: $3.50

    Hello Kitty White Slippers A pair of white slippers with transparent pink top bands to hold your feet in! These pairs are 8 inches x 3 inches. Designed with holes that allow the soles of the feet to breathe. The bottom also is designed with many grooves to grip your feet in as you walk! The top, transparent band that holds your feet in sports a plastic Hello Kitty logo. Learn More
  4. Hello Kitty Bead Necklace

    Hello Kitty Bead Necklace

    Regular Price: $3.99

    Special Price: $1.99

    Hello Kitty Bead Necklace A simple, light, plastic, and pink necklace. At the bottom is a Hello Kitty reflective emblem of Hello Kitty waving. Pull / push the top plastic grip until the necklace clicks in and out of place. Warning! CHOKING HAZARD Learn More
  5. Hello Kitty 190 mm White Crocs

    Hello Kitty 190 mm White Crocs

    Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price: $4.95

    Hello Kitty 190 mm White Crocs 190 mm / ~7.5 inches in length. Includes an ankle hugger that rotates. Holes in the shoe to allow breathing for feet. The inside has grip in the form of the rubbery, yet comfortable texture, and also with bumps. Very light with a thick sole of the shoe. Learn More

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