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  1. Rilakkuma Lead
    Rilakkuma Lead The Rilakkuma Lead comes in 4 colors for the case: Blue, Mint Green, Pink, and Yellow. Each Rilakkuma Lead item holds 20 pieces of 0.5 lead. To open the case to release the lead, press the top, black button down and tilt the top to pour out a piece of lead. Blue Design: Brown and Ivory Rilakkuma stare alongside yellow bird. Mint Green Desgn: Ivory Rilakkuma pulls sleeping Brown Rilakkuma. Pink Design: Both Rilakkuma bears are in awe and so is yellow bird. Yellow Design: Rilakkuma is in a blue bow tie and has a camera. Learn More
  2. Jelly Bear Tube Pencil Case
    Jelly Bear Tube Pencil Case Comes in 4 colors along the zipper: Mint Green, Purple, Pink, and Light Blue. Each pencil case has a transparent body with a holographic sprinkle along the body. The zipper is decorated with a single color. Learn More
  3. Penguin Standing Pencil Sharpener and Eraser
    Penguin Standing Pencil Sharpener and Eraser Comes in 2 colors: Pastel Mint Green and Pastel Pink. The top removable half reveals a white eraser and the bottom a pencil sharpener. Taking the two halves apart will show the pencil shavings after use to dispense. This sharpener can stand on its two yellow legs. Has a smooth, light plastic body and is very cute! Learn More
  4. Sweet Friends Pencil Pouch
    Sweet Friends Pencil Pouch Comes in 4 designs: Mint Green Unicorn, Blue Unicorn, Purple Baby Animals, Pink Baby Animals. Each pouch comes stitched with a zipper to the leather body, metallic zipper handle, and a padded interior. Learn More
  5. Pastel Body 8-Color Multipen
    Pastel Body 8-Color Multipen Comes in 4 designs: Mint Green Seal Ice Cream, Sky Blue Cats, Purple Starlight Melody, Pink Enjoy. Each multipen has 8 colors: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple. Includes a wide clip and a golden charm of colored, transparent wings. Each pen has a transparent, pastel body with a paper wrapping designed with the previously mentioned items/words. Learn More

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