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  1. 5 Index Clever Pen Holder / Document Filing Folder

    5 Index Clever Pen Holder / Document Filing Folder

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Special Price: $5.60

    5 Index Clever Pen Holder / Document Filing Folder Comes in 4 colors: Mint Green, Navy Blue, Black, and Pink. These filing folders come with 5 sections to divide your papers as you so desire! The sealing flap also can hold any pen that has its own pen clip. Made of a thick plastic, this folder can protect and sort your files and papers! Learn More
  2. Hello Kitty Small Comb

    Hello Kitty Small Comb

    Regular Price: $4.00

    Special Price: $1.99

    Hello Kitty Small Comb A small comb with a sturdy handle made of a hard, pink plastic. The brush has many ball-tipped bristles. The back of is designed with Hello Kitty dressed as a bunny surrounded by different colored hearts! Learn More
  3. Pokemon 3 Color Pen

    Pokemon 3 Color Pen

    Regular Price: $6.00

    Special Price: $4.80

    Pokemon 3 Color Pen The Pokemon 3 Color Pen is a Pokemon pen with three colors: Black, Blue, Red. There are two colors for the designs of the pens: Black and Yellow. Black has Pikachu in different expressions with the name "Pikachu" all over the top half of the pen capped of with a Pikachu head and yellow clip. The bottom half of the pen is clear, revealing the three colors of ink. Yellow has a silver outline of Pikachus surrounded by pokeballs. The top half of the pen is yellow with a similarly clear bottom half. The top of the pen has a Pikachu head as well as a black clip. - 3 Ink Colors per pen: Black, Blue, Red - 2 Color Designs: Black or Yellow - Wonderful for Pokemon fans! Learn More
  4. Cat Cap Pen

    Cat Cap Pen

    Regular Price: $2.00

    Special Price: $1.60

    Cat Cap Pen The Cat Cap Pen comes in 6 different colors: Black, Ivory, Mint Green, Blue, Purple, Peach. Each pen has a detachable pen cap in the shape of a cat head and tail for a clip. Every cat cap has a different design depending on the color - Black: Open yellow eyes, whiskers, gray tie - Ivory: Wide eyes, cat smile, brown bow tie - Mint Green: Mischievous eyes, blushing face, two front paws - Blue: Angry eyes, pouting mouth, two front gray paws - Purple: Closed eyes, eyelashes, purple collared shirt with buttons - Peach: Closed eyes, bangs, eyelashes, red necklace Learn More
  5. Carrot and Rabbit Pen Set

    Carrot and Rabbit Pen Set

    Regular Price: $4.00

    Special Price: $3.20

    Carrot and Rabbit Pen Set Each set comes with 2 pens! One pen is an orange carrot with eyelashes and blushing cheeks, and the other is a white rabbit holding a heart. Both inks are black in each pen. Also, each character top is removable and exchangeable between both pens. Learn More

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