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  1. Hello Kitty Pencil Holder & Mirror

    Hello Kitty Pencil Holder & Mirror

    Regular Price: $12.00

    Special Price: $6.95

    Hello Kitty Pencil Holder & Mirror Comes in 2 colors: Pink and Red. Each holder has a total of 6 compartments to store pens, pencils, erasers, staples, and other smaller supplies that you may want to store! The holders include a mirror that acts as a cover for 3 of the smaller top compartments. There is a larger drawer compartment used to store the larger items and 2 pencil compartments for the longer items. A wonderful item for any Hello Kitty fan! Designs: Red: Lovely Apple Pie, Apples, Pie on a white background. Pink: Stitched Checkered Pattern, Hello Kitty Bear, Polka Dots Learn More
  2. Morning Glory 2019 Goody Bag - Small Pink

    Morning Glory 2019 Goody Bag - Small Pink

    Regular Price: $8.60

    Special Price: $3.95

    Morning Glory 2019 Goody Bag - Small Pink It is Goody Bag Set for office supplies. Morning Glory 2019 Goody Bag - Small Pink includes: - Character Pencil Set - Pink/HB/Pack of 4 (org. price: $2.00) - Sweet Bling Mechanical Pencil (org. price: $2.00) - HB & B Dual Mechanical Pencil Lead 0.5mm (org. price: $1.20) - Mini Dolphin Pencil Sharpener (org. price: $2.40) - Parody Eraser Set (org. price: $1.00) For any goody bag items, you would get a free gift wrap with ribbons (for the goody bag items only). * Purchasing 15 or more orders of this goody bag qualifies for free shipping! ** Any item(s) may change with same valued item if some items are out of stock. Learn More
  3. Moongs Letter Set

    Moongs Letter Set

    Regular Price: $2.00

    Special Price: $1.60

    Moongs Letter Set The Moongs Letter Set comes in 3 different designs: Brown Bear, Panda Bear, White Moong. Each letter set comes with two letter pages in the shape of the round Moongs and two envelops. The color of the envelops differ depending on the design. Brown Bear: Mint Green Envelop, Panda Bear: Lime Green Envelop, White Moong: Red Envelop. On the back of each letter pages are 8 dividing lines to write down your thoughts. On the front is a design of each Moong holding a different item. Brown Bear is holding an envelop with a heart seal, Panda Bear is holding a sparkling heart that reads "Thank you", White Moong is holding a sparkling heart that reads "For you." Design: - Brown Bear - Mint Green Envelop - Heart Seal Envelop - Panda Bear - Lime Green Envelop - Heart "Thank you" - White Moong - Red Envelop - Heart "For you" Learn More
  4. Pokemon 8 Multicolor Pen

    Pokemon 8 Multicolor Pen

    Regular Price: $2.40

    Special Price: $1.92

    Pokemon 8 Multicolor Pen Comes in 3 different designs: Pikachu Face, Pikachu Pokeball, Starters. Light and packs multiple colors in one pen. Has a pen clip to attach it onto things. - Designs: Pikachu Face, Pikachu Pokeball, Starters - 8 Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple - Pen Clip Learn More
  5. Pocket Color Pen - Twin Type

    Pocket Color Pen - Twin Type

    Regular Price: $1.40

    Special Price: $1.12

    Pocket Color Pen - Twin Type. Water soluble ink. Like other highlighters, this pen needs to close its caps after you use it. Please listen carefully "Click" sound when you close the cap. One side nib is fine line(Pen Type: 0.3-0.4mm) and other side nib is thick line(Highlighter Type: 3.0mm). Eighteen Colors : 01. Red, 02. Pink, 03. Cherry Pink, 04. Lovely Pink, 05. Rose Pink, 06. Peach Pink, 07. Coco Beige, 08. Gold Yellow, 09. Yellow, 10. Lime Yellow, 11. Melon Green, 12. Emerald Green, 13. Aqua Blue, 14. Blue, 15. Ocean Blue, 16. French Blue, 17. Lilac, 18. Black Learn More

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