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  1. Camera Pencil Sharpener
    Camera Pencil Sharpener The Camera Pencil Sharpener is a creative and fun pencil sharpener in the shape of a camera. The shutter button on the side of the camera protruding out is the way to open up the grips within the sharpener to allow the pencils in. Releasing this button would clamp the grips onto the inserted pencil. The crank on the back spins the grinding gears from within, sharpening the pencil! The bottom of the pencil sharpener has a rubber grip to help prevent sliding on smooth tabletops. This cute and clever design would make a wonderful desk piece for the office or anywhere you need to sharpen your pencils. - Camera Design - Shutter button to open grip - Crank to sharpen inserted pencils - Rubbery bottom Learn More

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