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  1. Pop-Up 9 Color Index Tape
    Pop-Up 9 Color Index Tape Comes with 9 different colored tapes that have 10 sheets each. Once you pull one out, the next tape lip pops up to be used. Easy to use, and wonderful for organizing your notes! Learn More
  2. Hello Kitty 36 Color Crayon Box

    Hello Kitty 36 Color Crayon Box

    Regular Price: $17.00

    Special Price: $12.99

    Hello Kitty 36 Color Crayon Box Includes a wide range of colored crayons, each with their own crayon holder within the box. To help simplify the colors: 9 Shades of Red (oranges, yellows, and white), 9 Shades of Blue (greens, teal), 9 Shades of Gray (black, dark blue, includes purple), 9 variety colors (brown, pink, gold, silver). All have the same paper cover near the bottom half of each crayon of Hello Kitty. The hard cases that encase the crayons come in Red and Pink and have the same colors of crayons. Learn More
  3. Flower Envelopes - Beige
    Flower Envelopes - Beige Comes in 2 designs: Pink Flower and Violet Flower. Each envelope has a similar style with a beige background and a single flower with leaves and a butterfly on the front face. Can fit items smaller than a 3.5 inch by 7 inch dimension. Learn More
  4. Hello Kitty Mini Dust Pan and Brush

    Hello Kitty Mini Dust Pan and Brush

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Special Price: $1.99

    Hello Kitty Mini Dust Pan and Brush Comes as a set which includes a small dust pan (4 x 6.5 inch) and a brush of a similar size. The brush fits right into the pan and is bound to it by a rope tethering them together through the handle holes. The brush has 6 sets of bristles. Both brush and pan are made of plastic. Has 2 different Colors: Hot Pink and Soft Pink Learn More
  5. Moongs Pencil Sharpener
    Moongs Pencil Sharpener The Moongs Pencil Sharpener comes in two designs: Brown Bear and Panda. They're adorable and small. Each come with a pencil clamp which is adjusted to different radii of pencils by the touch of their left ear. The sharpeners are located in the mouth of the bears and can dispense the shavings by removing its tummy. To sharpen an inserted pencil, crank the lever behind the Moongs bear's head. - Designs: Brown Bear, Panda - Lightweight - Crank Sharpening - Tummy trash dispenser - Bottom Padding for friction Learn More

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