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  1. Shirokuma Days Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm
    Shirokuma Days Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Comes in 2 colors: White and Sky Blue. The mechanical pencil comes with a plastic body and metallic ends with a rounded ball for the top of the pencil. - White: A polar bear riding a bicycle, "Perfect World", penguin holding a camera, otter reading a book, and various other animals at a party. - Sky Blue: Polar bear and koala reading a book, an otter and chipmunk reading next to a sloth. Learn More
  2. TingGu Cell Phone Charm

    TingGu Cell Phone Charm

    Regular Price: $3.00

    Special Price: $1.99

    TingGu Cell Phone Charm Comes in 2 colors: Sky Blue and Pink. Each charm is attached by a rope of the same color as the TingGu character. Includes a TingGu tag, a clip to detach the character charm. Each charm is slightly furry and soft to the touch, but the body is hard. - Sky Blue TingGu: Star-eyed, U-shaped smile, sky blue, light blue, and blue color scheme. - Pink TingGu: (^^) eyes with star-shaped cheeks, light pink, pink, darker pink color scheme. Learn More
  3. TingGu Plush Doll

    TingGu Plush Doll

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price: $9.99

    TingGu Plush Doll A medium sized plush doll, both soft and light, that can sit upright on its own without much effort. The top half is made up of the typical plush doll material while the body and bottom is filled similarly to a bean bag helping with the balance. The plush doll wears a blue shirt and a woven backpack that reads "TingGu" The bag can be opened and filled with any small item but cannot be detached from the doll. - Blue TingGu plush doll - (^^) Smiling eyes and star-shaped cheeks. Learn More
  4. TingGu Lunchbox

    TingGu Lunchbox

    Regular Price: $11.00

    Special Price: $9.99

    TingGu Lunchbox Comes with a lunch box bag and a multi-compartment lunchbox. The lunchbox has a large cover, a white compartment, and a bottom cover which also has room to store food. Overall, there are two main compartments with majority of the space resides with the bottom cover compartment. The stitched bag comes with two sky blue zippers that wrap around the top half cover and a handle. Learn More
  5. TingGu Hard Cover Small Memobook
    TingGu Hard Cover Small Memobook Comes in 3 colors: White Heart, Blue Math, Yellow Sky. Each notebook comes with 60 lined pages (20 blue-lined pages, 20 pink-lined pages, 20 purple-lined pages). All pages and covers are bound together by 15 double rings. - Colors: White Heart - Blue TingGu character holding flowers, blushing, and in front of a pink heart Blue Math - Pink TingGu character holding a pencil, dozing off on a blue table while doing math Yellow Sky - Blue TingGu character with its arms up and happy with white clouds and the orange Sun behind it Learn More

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