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  1. My Friends Compact Notebook w/ Lock

    My Friends Compact Notebook w/ Lock

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price: $8.00

    My Friends Compact Notebook w/ Lock Comes in 4 designs: Pink Macaroons, Mint Green Clothes, Beige Pretzels, White Shrimp Chips. Each notebook comes with 80 colorful lined pages that cycle 8 different page designs. Surrounded by 2 hard covers, bound by multiple brown double-rings, and sealed shut by a metalic lock-and-key combination, the secrets in this notebook can be kept safe. Options: - Pink Macaroons - Mint Green Clothes - Beige Pretzels - White Shrimp Chips Learn More
  2. The Classic 100 Days Notebook

    The Classic 100 Days Notebook

    Regular Price: $16.00

    Special Price: $12.80

    The Classic 100 Days Notebook These hard-cover notebooks come in 2 colors: Brown and Blue. Each notebook comes with a smooth bookmark bound to the cover and also 100+ pages. The pages have a lined side in which you can place the date, and another side which is blank. Each page is a different color and border design ranging from Pink, Green, Purple, White, and Beige. - 100+ pages - Hard Cover - Bookmark Learn More
  3. ' My Agenda " Slim Scheduler

    ' My Agenda " Slim Scheduler

    Regular Price: $5.00

    Special Price: $4.00

    ' My Agenda " Slim Scheduler comes with different sections such as a Yearly (1), Bucket List (1), Monthly (12), Weekly (32) My Note Pages (12), and a Grid Pages (10) , Personal Info (1) . You can keep track of your whole year with this Scheduler. - 4 Different Color and Cover Text - White ( My Diary ) - Black ( Don't worry about it You'll be OK ) - Mint Green ( My Agenda ) - White ( If you never try You'll never know ) - PP Cover Learn More
  4. Gentle Notebook

    Gentle Notebook

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price: $9.95

    Gentle Notebook The Gentle Notebook is a slim notebook/memo book of ~50 lined pages for organizing your thoughts and plans. Each page contains a space for the page number as well as room for the Date. The Gentle Notebook comes in two colors: Brown and Navy Blue. Included on the inside of the cover is a pocket to store any loose pages or notes that you may have written elsewhere! The outside cover is of a leathery material, which increases its durability. - Colors: Brown, Navy Blue - Leathery Cover - Slim - ~50 Lined Pages - Internal Cover Pocket Learn More
  5. Magic Diary - Tradition Notebook

    Magic Diary - Tradition Notebook

    Regular Price: $24.00

    Special Price: $19.20

    Magic Diary - Tradition Notebook The Magic Diary - Tradition Notebook is a beautiful hardcover notebook that comes in its own hardcover casing. The notebook comes in two colors: Navy Blue and a dark Red. Each page has space for a date and is lightly stained to give it an ancient-feel and some character to the lined pages. On the inside of the hardcovers there are constellations and a map of the world. With all good personal diaries, there is a page to write down your personal information in case you lose the diary notebook. The cover sports a shiny design with emblems, lettering, and the Eiffel tower all in gold. - Colors: Navy Blue, Red - Old-fashion design - Hardcover & Case - Lined Pages - Personal Information Page - Build-in Bookmark Learn More

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