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Eraser & Correction Tape

  1. Hello Kitty Character Erasers

    Hello Kitty Character Erasers

    Regular Price: $1.20

    Special Price: $0.96

    Hello Kitty Character Erasers Comes in 2 colors: Pink outfit and Red outfit. Each eraser shows Hello Kitty in a simple position of sitting down with 1 or two hands over her mouth. The eraser is also shaped in the form of Hello Kitty. WARNING: Not Safe for Children under 3 years old. Should not be ingested Learn More
  2. Carrot Eraser

    Carrot Eraser

    Regular Price: $1.00

    Special Price: $0.80

    Carrot Eraser A cute and simple eraser designed in a wide carrot shape, green leaves and grooves included! Learn More
  3. Bichon Color Eraser

    Bichon Color Eraser

    Regular Price: $1.40

    Special Price: $1.12

    Bichon Color Eraser Comes in 3 colors: Pink, Mint Green, and White. Each eraser has a paper cover to help protect the unused eraser section. This paper cover displays a Bichon character in different outfits. Pink: Headband reading Mint Green: Explorer exploring White: Chef cooking Learn More
  4. Rilakkuma 5M/5mm Correction Tape

    Rilakkuma 5M/5mm Correction Tape

    Regular Price: $2.00

    Special Price: $1.60

    Rilakkuma 5M/5mm Correction Tape Comes in 4 designs: White/Yellow Stripes, Yellow, White/Yellow Checkers, Blue. Each tape dispenser has 5 meters length in correction tape and 5mm in width. All tapes are white adhesive tape. Learn More
  5. Pokemon Correction Pen

    Pokemon Correction Pen

    Regular Price: $3.00

    Special Price: $2.40

    Pokemon Correction Pen Comes in 4 body colors: Black Snorlax, White Squirtle, Yellow Pikachu, Blue Pikachu. Each correction pen's white tape is 1/4 of an inch in width. Learn More

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