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Eraser & Correction Tape

  1. Moongs Neon Erasers
    Moongs Neon Erasers Comes in 4 neon colors: Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Green! Each eraser comes with a clear, plastic wrap with a design of the Moongs characters. - Yellow: Penguin Love - Orange: Bear Luck - Pink: Panda Nice - Green: Moongs Good Learn More
  2. Pokemon 2-Function Sharpener/Eraser
    Pokemon 2-Function Sharpener/Eraser Comes in 3 different designs: Blue Pikachu, Yellow Pikachu, Mint Green Bulbasaur. A light sharpener top with a hallow cavity to catch the pencil shavings connected to a detachable bottom compartment that holds an eraser! Wonderful for any student Pokemon fans. - Sharpener Case Colors: Blue, Yellow, Mint Green - 2 Functions: Top sharpener, bottom eraser (both detachable) - Removable sharpener to empty pencil shavings stored within. Learn More
  3. Ssueim & Cclim White Out Tape
    Ssueim & Cclim White Out Tape Light and compact, wonderful for covering up ink blotches, pen-slips, or the everyday-misspell. Comes in 2 colors: - Mint Green - Pink Cover design on Mint Green shows a strawberry and a milk drink. Design on Pink displays a flower and an apple juice box. - 5mm x 3M of tape Learn More
  4. Pastel Color Eraser Pen
    Pastel Color Eraser Pen Comes in 4 colors; Peach, Yellow, Blue, Mint Green. Push top pen to dispense the eraser. - Colors: Peach, Yellow, Blue, Mint Green - Pen Clip - Push top pen - Slight indentation near the grip to enable grip Learn More
  5. Rilakkuma Knock Type Eraser v2
    Rilakkuma Knock Type Eraser v2 The Rilakkuma Knock Type Eraser comes in 3 Different Colors: Grey, Yellow, Dark Teal. Each one has a cute face of either Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma on the base of the Eraser. You just push the button at the end and the eraser comes out! - 3 Different Colors: Grey, Yellow, Dark Teal. - Push pen knock type eraser - Refills sold serparately Learn More

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