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Eraser & Correction Tape

  1. We Are Good Friends Animal Eraser
    We Are Good Friends Animal Eraser Comes in 6 designs: Orange Squirrel, Sky Blue Dog, Purple Cat, White Panda, Green Frog, Pink Pig. Each eraser comes with two caps; one covering the white eraser side, and the other covering the rolling pin side. The top caps are designed in the shape of their respective animals. The words of the animals are written out on the bottom cap. Options: - Orange Squirrel - Sky Blue Dog - Purple Cat - White Panda - Green Frog - Pink Pig Learn More
  2. Parody Eraser
    Parody Eraser Comes in 5 colors: Purple Gelato, Orange Chocolate, Yellow Donuts, Blue Wafers, Hot Pink Choco. Each item has a long eraser end attached to a white handle with a rolling pin eraser on the other end. Each item has two removable, plastic covers for each end. Colorful and bright, these cases are made of a hard plastic. Cover Designs: Purple Gelato (Macaron), Orange Chocolate (Cookies & Cream), Yellow Donuts (Good Luck To You), Blue Wafers (Lucky Chocolate), Hot Pink Choco (Snacks and Fruits) Learn More
  3. Penguin Pencil Sharpener and Eraser
    Penguin Pencil Sharpener and Eraser Comes in 2 combination of colors: Blue and Sky Blue, Black and Red. These adorable penguin sharpeners are also erasers. One end (the head) holds the white eraser, and the back end houses two different sizes of sharpener. The adorable penguin head is the cap to the eraser end and snaps on and off. - Sharpener Diameters: 8mm and 11mm - 1 White Eraser head, - 1 Penguin head cap - 4 mini stubby legs Learn More
  4. Hello Kitty Knock Eraser
    Hello Kitty Knock Eraser A pink and purple knock-type Hello Kitty eraser. The top includes a clip to hang this eraser on any thin edge or page. Comes with a plastic grip and a pink heart eraser. The body of the eraser displays Hello Kitty surrounded by pink, yellow, and purple flowers under her umbrella. Learn More
  5. Moongs Neon Erasers
    Moongs Neon Erasers Comes in 4 neon colors: Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Green! Each eraser comes with a clear, plastic wrap with a design of the Moongs characters. - Yellow: Penguin Love - Orange: Bear Luck - Pink: Panda Nice - Green: Moongs Good Learn More

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