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  1. Ssueim & Cclim Notepad
    Ssueim & Cclim Notepad Comes in 4 designs: Sky Blue Vitamin Water, Lime Green Melon Drink, Yellow Egg & Bread, Pink Light Bulb Drinks. Each notepad has ~75 lined pages that flip vertically, 2 hard covers, and multiple rings to keep everything together! Learn More
  2. Dessert Index Cards
    Dessert Index Cards Comes in 4 designs: White Macaron, Pink Pudding, Mint Green Ice Cream, Yellow Fruit Tart. Each set of index cards has ~75 lined, double-sided index cards, a hole on the top left corner of each card, and a metallic ring to keep them together. Options: - White Macaron - Pink Pudding - Mint Green Ice Cream - Yellow Fruit Tart Learn More
  3. Animal Index Cards
    Animal Index Cards Comes in 4 designs: Green Cat, Blue Whale, Pink Dog, Red Alligator. ~65 double-sided, white, lined index cards with an animal-related cover. Comes with a ring to keep all the index cards together! Options: - Green Cat - Blue Whale - Pink Dog - Red Alligator 88 x 56 Learn More
  4. My Friends Compact Notebook
    My Friends Compact Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Light Brown Clothes Hanger, Mint Green Baking, Pink Chips, Beige Pretzels. Each compact notebook has 24 lined pages. Bound together by a staple, these pages and paperback cover are light and great for traveling! - Colors: Light Brown, Mint Green, Pink, Beige - 24 pages - Paperback Learn More
  5. TingGu Hard Cover Small Memobook

    TingGu Hard Cover Small Memobook

    Regular Price: $2.00

    Special Price: $1.00

    TingGu Hard Cover Small Memobook Comes in 3 colors: White Heart, Blue Math, Yellow Sky. Each notebook comes with 60 lined pages (20 blue-lined pages, 20 pink-lined pages, 20 purple-lined pages). All pages and covers are bound together by 15 double rings. - Colors: White Heart - Blue TingGu character holding flowers, blushing, and in front of a pink heart Blue Math - Pink TingGu character holding a pencil, dozing off on a blue table while doing math Yellow Sky - Blue TingGu character with its arms up and happy with white clouds and the orange Sun behind it Learn More

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