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  1. Cardboard Covers Spiral Notebook
    Cardboard Covers Spiral Notebook Comes in 4 designs: Eiffel Tower and Bread, Plain Eiffel Tower, Smiley Face, Ice Cream. Each notebook is covered with a cardboard cover, protecting the ~30 lined pages of white paper. The notebook is bound together by a black, spiral ring along the spine of the notebook. Options: - Eiffel Tower and Bread - Plain Eiffel Tower - Smiley Face - Ice Cream Learn More
  2. Kakkao Friends Compact Shape Note
    Kakkao Friends Compact Shape Note Comes in 3 colors: Frodo(Dog) - Brown, Peach (Peach) - Pink, Brown Bear (Bear) - Sky Blue. There are 40 pages of 8mm line, Wonderful for travel and carry due to its compact size. - Designs: Frodo(Dog), Peach (Peach), Brown Bear (Bear) Character Shape Learn More
  3. The Classic 100 Days Notebook
    The Classic 100 Days Notebook These hard-cover notebooks come in 2 colors: Brown and Blue. Each notebook comes with a smooth bookmark bound to the cover and also 100+ pages. The pages have a lined side in which you can place the date, and another side which is blank. Each page is a different color and border design ranging from Pink, Green, Purple, White, and Beige. - 100+ pages - Hard Cover - Bookmark Learn More
  4. Modern Compact Notebook Paperback
    Modern Compact Notebook Paperback With around 32 lined pages, this paperback notebook is light and handy for jotting down notes on the go. Wonderful for travel with its compact size. Comes in 4 Colors: - Beige - Light Brown - Red - Navy Blue Learn More
  5. Magic Spells Tradition Ruled Notebook
    Magic Spells Tradition Ruled Notebook Comes in 4 different colors: Brown, Red, Blue, Green. Hardcover notebooks with ring bindings make for a wonderful, durable notebook! - Colors: Brown, Red, Blue, Green - Hardcover - Ring-Bound - Over 100 pages with 8mm-spaced lines Learn More

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