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  1. Ssueim & Cclim Compact Notebook
    Ssueim & Cclim Compact Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Pink Apple Juice, Yellow Banana, Mint Green Sushi, Sky Blue Strawberry Milk. Each notebook is bound by a paperback cover and comes with 40 lined pages. On both front and back cover of each notebook is a Ssueim & Cclim style character with adorable faces! Come check out images down to the left! Options: - Pink Apple Juice - Yellow Banana - Mint Green Sushi - Sky Blue Strawberry Milk Learn More
  2. Gudetama Ring-Bound Plastic Cover Notebooks
    Gudetama Ring-Bound Plastic Cover Notebooks Comes in 4 designs: Orange Stripes, Pink Ticket, Yellow Graduate, Blue Ride. These notebooks are covered front and back with a plastic cover together by a black double-ring binding system. There are a total of 120 lined pages that are separated by 2 art pages, forming groups of 30 pages each. Options: - Orange Stripes - Pink Ticket - Yellow Graduate - Blue Ride Learn More
  3. Ssueim & Cclim Ring-Bound Plastic Cover Notebook
    Ssueim & Cclim Ring-Bound Plastic Cover Notebook Comes in 4 designs: Pink Strawberry Yogurt, Yellow Apple Juice, Beige Sushi, Sky Blue Peach Drink. There are 100 lined pages kept together by pink, metallic rings protected by plastic covers. Each front cover shows the respective items upright and smiling, but the back covers show them tipped over! Options: - Pink Strawberry Yogurt - Yellow Apple Juice - Beige Sushi - Sky Blue Peach Drink Learn More
  4. Rilakkuma Paperback Notebooks
    Rilakkuma Paperback Notebooks Comes in 4 colors: Green Bakery, Yellow Bakery, Beige Flowers, Brown Flowers. Each notebook comes with ~40 lines pages and a section to put the date on the top. In the beginning of each page has a black and white Rilakkuma resting on a pillow. - Designs: Green Bakery (different types of bread and Rilakkuma), Yellow Bakery (different types of bread with a Yellow background), Beige Flowers (Beige Bear face with pink flower petals), Brown Flowers (Brown Bear face with pink flower petals) - ~40 lined pages - Paperback, adhesive spine Learn More
  5. Gudetama Paperback Notebooks
    Gudetama Paperback Notebooks Comes in 4 designs: Green Teacher, White Polka Dot Sketch, Orange Egg, Yellow Glasses. Each notebook has ~30 lined pages with 25 lines per page. - Light for travel - Bound together by adhesive on the spine of the notebook - 4 colors: Green, White/ Yellow Polka Dot, Orange, Yellow Learn More

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