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Pencil Case

  1. Shiny Pokemon Pencil Case
    Shiny Pokemon Pencil Case The Shiny Pokemon Pencil Case is a pencil case of 4 reflective designs: Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Pikachu Yellow, Pikachu Striped. The Squirtle design comes in a white and sky blue design with stripes along sides of the case with Squirtle on two broad sides. The Jigglypuff design is of a white and light pink color decorated with light pink circles, Pokeballs, and Jigglypuff along two sides of the case. The Pikachu Yellow pencil case has multiple Pikachus facing different directions, Pokeballs, lightning bolts, and a footprint with the number 025 on it. The Pikachu Striped case is patterned with yellow and white zigzag stripes. On each case, the words can be found "Let's go on an exciting adventure with (Kkobugi = Squirtle; Purin = Jigglypuff; Pikachu)" (the respective names of each Pokemon) Learn More
  2. Morning Glory Food Pencil Case
    Morning Glory Food Pencil Case The Morning Glory Food Pencil Case comes in 4 designs! White Melon, Mint Green Peach, Soft Pink Mango, Sky Blue Pineapple. The cover design is decorated with each respective fruit with legs all over running around. Each case is made up leathery material with a rugged feel to it while remaining light. Great for keeping your office supplies together in one place while on the go! - White / Melon - Mint Green / Peach - Soft Pink / Mango - Sky Blue Pineapple Learn More
  3. Dynamic Pencil Case

    Dynamic Pencil Case

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    Special Price: $4.95

    Dynamic Pencil Case This Dynamic Pencil Case comes in a White display background with various shape design on the canvas. The zipper is an Orange, Black, Dark Brown color. It comes in a leather like vinyl material. There are 4 different designs for this Dynamic Pencil Case. - 4 Different Designs: * Brown Triangle, * Yellow Star, * Mint Arrow, * Gray Quads - Leather like, Vinyl Material Learn More

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