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Pencil Case

  1. Ssueim & Cclim Pencil Case
    Ssueim & Cclim Pencil Case Comes in 4 designs: Sky Blue Strawberry Milk, Sky Blue Stripe Milk, Yellow Polka Dot Banana Milk, Pink Polka Dot Cake. Each pencil case has a leathery feel to it, light padding inside, and a zipper to keep shut! Learn More
  2. Bonjour Bichon Weekly Planner
    Bonjour Bichon Weekly Planner Comes in 4 colors: Mint Green, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, and Pink. Each weekly planner can stand on its own once folded correctly, contains ~60 weekly sectioned pages, and bound by double-rings. To fold the stand, separate the gray boards then fold the bendable board in following the creases. Learn More
  3. Pokemon Pencil Case v2
    Pokemon Pencil Case v2 Comes in 5 designs: Yellow Standing, Yellow Crawling, Red, Blue, Black. Each design has Pikachu in Ash's hat in various expressions depending on the design. Designs: - Yellow Standing: Side 1: Pikachu with arms crossed in Ash's hat, Side 2: Smiling Face - Yellow Crawling: Side 1: Pikachu crawling on all 4s in Ash's hat, Side 2: Squinting Face - Red: Side 1: Pikachu curious while in Ash's hat, Side 2: Closed-Eyed Smile - Blue: Side 1: Pikachu angry while in Ash's hat, Side 2: Winking Face - Black: Side1: Pikachu Leaping toward you in Ash's hat, Side 2: Smiling Face Learn More
  4. Piano Pencil Case
    Piano Pencil Case Comes in 4 designs: Black "I <3 Music", Black "Good Things Take Time", Sky Blue "Music Is A Way Of Life", Mint Green "Choose Your Own Path". Each pencil case has a sown pattern along with a metallic zipper. These cases have a simple design of keys on a piano lined up along the length of the case. Options: - Black "I <3 Music" - Black "Good Things Take Time" - Sky Blue "Music Is A Way Of Life" - Mint Green "Choose Your Own Path" Learn More
  5. Moongs Slim Pencil Case
    Moongs Slim Pencil Case Comes 4 colors: Mint Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray. Each pencil case is slim and durable! Stitched together, the outside cover is smooth yet textural. One side of the cover holds the varying designs based on which color. - Mint Green and Navy Blue have multiple Moongs characters and Pandas on the cover with cooked eggs and lightning bolts! - Purple shows 3 white Moongs waving. - Gray has a Moongs character waving to two Moongs Pandas. - Colorful Zippers to contrast the body color Learn More

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