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Pencil Case

  1. Bonjour Tassel Pencil Case
    Bonjour Tassel Pencil Case Comes in 4 colors: Blue (w/Red tassel), Gray (w/Teal tassel), Pink (w/Red tassel), Navy Blue (w/Mint Green tassel). These pencil cases have a stitched texture with a zipper running along lengthwise. On the side of the pencil case hangs a tassel that you can remove with the chain it attaches with. One face of the pencil case reads "Bonjour" in the same color as the tassel. Learn More
  2. Traditional Korean Style Pencil Case
    Traditional Korean Style Pencil Case Designed with a wide range of colors, these pencil cases are smooth, and vibrant! Includes a zipper situated length-wise across the alternating color pattern. Attached to the zipper is a hand-knotted butterfly design. ** When ordering, the variety of colors is vast, so we will have to send a random color pattern pencil case. Also, when you order, please leave a comment with your order if you want a specific color for the butterfly design and we will respond. Learn More
  3. Cookie Snack Pencil Pouch
    Cookie Snack Pencil Pouch Comes in 4 designs: Light Blue Biscuit, Blue Cookies, Pink Cookies, Mint Green Chocolate. These pencil pouches have a zipper in the middle of the back of the pouch, and is design with cute Moongs snacks. The pouches are made of a leathery material. Learn More
  4. BTS Rectangular Pencil Case v2
    BTS Rectangular Pencil Case v2 Has two sides, a range of blue with the BTS guys in white, and a black background with BTS in black suits. - Two Pouches per pencil case: zipper on top, zipper in front. - High Quality BTS Images printed on the case Learn More
  5. "Mickey Minnie" Mouse Metallic Pencil Case

    "Mickey Minnie" Mouse Metallic Pencil Case

    Regular Price: $5.00

    Special Price: $1.99

    "Mickey Minnie" Mouse Metallic Pencil Case A sturdy, metallic pencil case that has a detachable top and cushioned interior. This blue and white pencil case has Mickey Mouse on the front cover looking up. Colorful Mickey Mouse heads are behind him. Learn More

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