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Pencil Case

  1. Moong Rectangular Pencil Case
    Moong Rectangular Pencil Case Adorable, colorful, and sturdy, this pencil case holds all your pencils and tools necessary for desk work! Comes in 4 colors: Gray, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Pink. Each pencil case is decorated with multiple, colorful Moongs characters. (Gray: Outer Space Theme, Mint Green: Food Theme, Sky Blue: Traveling Theme, Pink: Painting theme) - Rectangular, sturdy form - 3 Compartments to store pencils and other desk supplies - A net compartment, a flap with 4 elastic pencil holders, and an open compartment behind the flap - Cushioned - Sealed with a zipper! Learn More
  2. Moongs Slim Pencil Case
    Moongs Slim Pencil Case Comes 4 colors: Mint Green, Navy Blue, Purple, Gray. Each pencil case is slim and durable! Stitched together, the outside cover is smooth yet textural. One side of the cover holds the varying designs based on which color. - Mint Green and Navy Blue have multiple Moongs characters and Pandas on the cover with cooked eggs and lightning bolts! - Purple shows 3 white Moongs waving. - Gray has a Moongs character waving to two Moongs Pandas. - Colorful Zippers to contrast the body color Learn More
  3. Moongs Friends Pencil Case
    Moongs Friends Pencil Case Comes in 4 colors: Mint Green Sandwich, Purple Bed, Yellow Mermaids, Pink Dog. Each case is made of a leathery exterior with a stitched handle on one end and a colorful zipper. - Colors: Mint Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink - Various Moongs Characters in outfits in different scenarios - Spacious Learn More
  4. "Mickey Minnie" Mouse Metallic Pencil Case

    "Mickey Minnie" Mouse Metallic Pencil Case

    Regular Price: $5.00

    Special Price: $1.99

    "Mickey Minnie" Mouse Metallic Pencil Case A sturdy, metallic pencil case that has a detachable top and cushioned interior. This blue and white pencil case has Mickey Mouse on the front cover looking up. Colorful Mickey Mouse heads are behind him. Learn More
  5. Moongs Pencil Case
    Moongs Pencil Case Comes in 4 Colors: Purple, Pink, Mint Green, Sky Blue. Each case comes with a colorful zipper similar to the case color. Decorated on every pencil case, Moongs characters are enjoying food, such as ice cream, popcorn, sodas, eggs, and bread. There are also stars, lightning bolts, and phrases such as "Like it!" and "Hello" on the cover! - Round, flexible case. - Wide-grip zipper Learn More

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