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Pencil Sharpener

  1. My Family Pencil Sharpener Set
    My Family Pencil Sharpener Set An adorable set of 2 pencil sharpeners in the shape of a mother hen and her chick. The mother hen has a cavity to hold her chick! The hen also has a crank in the back to spin the sharpener within the mouth piece. Disposing the pencil shavings is also easy with the tray in the back of the hen. The little, orange, round chick has feet and also a sharpener hole on the back. It can be opened up by pressing the top of the shell down and splitting the egg and the chick apart to reveal the stored pencil shavings within. - 2 Pencil Sharpeners: Mother Hen, Baby Chick - Table Sharpener (Hen), Portable Sharpener (Chick) Learn More
  2. Pokemon 2-Function Sharpener/Eraser
    Pokemon 2-Function Sharpener/Eraser Comes in 3 different designs: Blue Pikachu, Yellow Pikachu, Mint Green Bulbasaur. A light sharpener top with a hallow cavity to catch the pencil shavings connected to a detachable bottom compartment that holds an eraser! Wonderful for any student Pokemon fans. - Sharpener Case Colors: Blue, Yellow, Mint Green - 2 Functions: Top sharpener, bottom eraser (both detachable) - Removable sharpener to empty pencil shavings stored within. Learn More
  3. Moongs House 2Holes Pencil Sharpener
    Moongs House 2Holes Pencil Sharpener - 2 Colors: Mint Green Moongs Panda, Brown Bear Moongs - 2 Sizes for pencil diameter: 11mm and 8mm - Easy to dispose of the shavings - Lightweight Learn More
  4. Snack Attack Scented Sharpener & Eraser
    Snack Attack Scented Sharpener & Eraser The Snack Attack Scented Sharpener & Eraser comes in 4 different designs: Cola, Milkshake, Fries, Popcorn. Each food item has an eraser top and a pencil sharpener at the bottom. To clean out the pencil shavings, just remove the eraser top and you can access the inside of the sharpener. The Snack Attack sharpeners each have their own smells associated to their design. WARNING: Sharp Edges, Choking Hazard. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS Learn More
  5. Pokemon Pencil Sharpener
    Pokemon Pencil Sharpener The Pokemon Pencil Sharpener is a Yellow-bodied sharpener that comes in two colors: Green and Orange. The bottom of the sharpener is a tray to catch all the pencil shavings inside. Pikachu's face is present on one side of the sharpener, the other has "Pokemon" written on it, the front has an asymmetrical shape with the opening for pencils and a button to open/close the grip, and finally, the back has a the crank used to spin the gears that sharpen pencils inside. The bottom of the sharpener has a black grip to prevent slipping when you use it. Learn More

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