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  1. Carrot Pens and Eraser Set
    Carrot Pens and Eraser Set Comes with 2 Carrot Pens and 3 mini Carrot erasers. The pens include a bottom cap that you snap in and out of place to reveal and hide the pen tip. WARNING! Do Not Eat! Nothing in the set is edible. Not for children 0-3 years old. Learn More
  2. Bonjour Bichhon Character Pens 0.5mm
    Bonjour Bichhon Character Pens 0.5mm Comes in 2 pen colors and ink: Red and Black. Each pen includes a standard pen clip and a cute and simple design of a furry sheep character along with stars and planets. Learn More
  3. Quick Dry Ball Point Pen 0.5mm
    Quick Dry Ball Point Pen 0.5mm Comes in 3 colors: Black, Blue, Red. Each pen has ink respective to their pen color. Made of a thick plastic, these pens come with a grip and a pen clip to hand the pen on things. Light and sturdy, this pen is wonderful to take around. Learn More
  4. Spirited Away Pen
    Spirited Away Pen Comes in 2 slight color differences: Pink and Red mask designs. Each pen has a removable cap and black ink along with the iconic masked creature from Spirited Away. The color difference comes in the form of the eye mask designs and the heart the character holds. Learn More
  5. Shiba Inu Dog Pen
    Shiba Inu Dog Pen Comes in 4 designs: Black Pen / Black Dog, White Pen / Yellow Dog, Gray Pen / Black Dog, Sky Blue Pen / Yellow Dog. Each pen has black ink, a fine tip, and a cap with a cute dog making various faces! Come check out our images for an idea of each! Learn More

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