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  1. Morning Pen Series
    Morning Pen Series Comes in a pack of 5 pens (3 Black Ink, 1 Blue Ink, 1 Red Ink). With a wider, 0.7mm, the three different ink colors will run out smoother. - Body Colors: White (Black ink), Black (Black Ink), Navy Blue with Red top (Red Ink), Navy Blue with Black top (Black Ink), Navy Blue with Blue top (Blue Ink) - Lower risk of ink leaking Learn More
  2. Chick Soft Gel Pen
    Chick Soft Gel Pen Comes in 2 colors: Gray Chick, Yellow Chick. Each pen comes with a detachable, smooth pen cap and a plastic baby chick with blushing cheeks and small eyes. The Gray chick is partially transparent and the Yellow chick is not. Both adorable chicks are made of a very hard plastic. The ink used in the pen is a soft gel. - Colors: Gray, Yellow Learn More
  3. Pokemon 8 Multicolor Pen v2
    Pokemon 8 Multicolor Pen v2 Comes in 3 designs: Orange (Sky Blue Clip) Raichu, Green (Mint Green Clip) Bulbasaur, Red (Black Clip) Pokeball. Each pen has 8 colored inks: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, and Purple! Whichever color you need to borrow from the rainbow, Pokemon pens have you covered! - Colors: Orange w/ Sky Blue Top and Clip, Green w/ Mint Green Top and Clip, Red w/ Black Top and Clip. - Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple. Learn More
  4. Cat Cap Pen v2
    Cat Cap Pen v2 The Cat Cap Pen comes in 8 different colors: Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Ivory, Shiny Ivory, Shiny Mint Green, Shiny Blue, Shiny Purple, Shiny Peach. Each pen has a detachable pen cap in the shape of a cat head and tail for a clip. Every cat cap has a different design depending on the color - Matte Black: Open yellow eyes, whiskers, smile - Matte Blue: Raised eyebrows, wide smile - Matte Ivory: Happy eyes, cat smile, bangs - Shiny Ivory: Winking cat - Shiny Mint Green: Small eyes, pouting mouth - Shiny Blue: Angry eyes, pouting mouth, two front gray paws - Shiny Purple: Open eyes, cute smile (:3) - Shiny Peach: Closed eyes, bangs, necklace Learn More
  5. Rilakkuma - 3 Colored Pen v2
    Rilakkuma - 3 Colored Pen v2 Comes in two different colors: Beige Bear, Brown Bear. Light and compact, this pen comes with black ink, blue ink, and red ink all together in one tool! On each pen is a design of Rilakkuma hugging a white, pink, yellow, and mint green snack! On top of the pen is a Rilakkuma plastic head with a clear plastic lower half on the body of the pen. - Colors: Beige Bear, Brown Bear - Ink cartridges: Black, Blue, Red Learn More

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