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  1. Moongs Panda Ruler
    Moongs Panda Ruler - 15 CM - Transparent - Color Scheme: Gray or Sky Blue - Moongs Panda doing cute things Learn More
  2. Morning Glory Zigzag Ruler
    Morning Glory Zigzag Ruler The Morning Glory Zigzag Ruler is a 16cm ruler that has a fun addition to it! In the center of the ruler runs a zigzag along the length attached with a movable image of Blue Bear or Pink Bear. Holding the ruler vertically would allow the circular image zigzag all the way down the ruler! The zigzag rulers come in two colors: Blue Bear and Pink Bear. Blue Bear Zigzag ruler is decorated with blue clovers and a sky blue background. Pink Bear is decorated with pink hearts and a pink background. - Colors: Blue, Pink - Zigzag fun + movable, rolling icon - Straight Ruler of 16cm Learn More
  3. Moongs 15cm Ruler
    Moongs 15cm Ruler The Moongs 15cm Ruler comes in 2 Different Colors: Mint Green or Navy Blue. Each ruler comes with a picture of Moongs either disguising himself as a Seal or a Penguin. It is 160mm x 26mm. - 15cm - 2 Different Colors: Mint Green or Navy Blue Learn More
  4. Moongs & Amazing Friends - Folding Rulers
    Moongs & Amazing Friends - Folding Rulers The Rulers come in 4 Different Designs & Colors: Mint Green, Black, White, and Sky Blue. Each one comes with a unique design of either Moongs transforming into a cute deer or sheep and Amazing Friends playing together with the stars in space! The Ruler is 30cm and folds to a compact size! - 30 cm - 4 Different Designs & Colors: Mint Green, Black, White, and Sky Blue Learn More
  5. 15 Cm Bear Ruler
    15 Cm Bear Ruler These rulers come in 3 different designs: Blue Bear City, Blue Bear Airplane, Pink Bear Happy It either comes in: - Blue Bear Plush design with white buildings and smiling clouds. - Blue Bear flying an airplane across the sky with trees in the background. - The Pink Bear design says "Happy" on it. There are pink flowers and a plush Pink Bear on the canvas. Learn More

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