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  1. Gudetama Pocket Pencil Pouch
    Gudetama Pocket Pencil Pouch Comes in 4 designs: On the egg with ice cream ( Mint Green ) , Picking with Lemon ( Yellow ), Sitting with Strawberry's back toward ( White & Pink ), Snuggling down under the bacon ( Orange ) Each pencil case has a leathery feel to it, light padding inside, and a Cute & matched zipper pull to keep shut! Learn More
  2. Gudetama Pens 0.48mm (Black/Red/Blue)
    Gudetama Pens 0.48mm (Black/Red/Blue) Comes in 3 colors that matches the colored ink within: black, red, and blue. Each pen has a white body with colored tips and tops. There is a Gudetama character in varying poses depending on the color. Black: Arms crossed Red: Red ribbon Blue: Picking nose. Learn More
  3. Gudetama Round Erasers
    Gudetama Round Erasers Comes in 4 designs: Yellow Knees, Striped Laying Back, White Chair, Orange Climbing. Each eraser has a paper-covered top that displays Gudetama various poses. The Yellow and Striped designs are round erasers while the remaining 2 designs have a bean shape to them. The backside and sides of these erasers are all bare and white. Learn More
  4. Gudetama Stickers
    Gudetama Stickers Comes with 45 different Gudetama stickers of varying designs and sizes. The collection of stickers all have a one-time sticky back that can be used once you lift the sticker off the original clear backing page. Designs of each sticker range from Gudetama characters lying down, sitting in an eggshell, as different foods, and much more. These stickers pop up out from any surface you stick them on! Learn More
  5. Gudetama Plastic Cover Lined Notebook
    Gudetama Plastic Cover Lined Notebook Comes in 4 designs: Orange Desserts, Pink Polka Dot Lipstick, Mint Green Rice, Yellow Pencil. Each notebook is covered with a plastic front cover, and cardboard back, with 45 lined pages, and 2 dividers within the notebook. Vibrant and colorful, these notebooks are great for your note-taking classes. Learn More

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