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  1. Morning Glory Pet Scheduler w/Band
    Morning Glory Pet Scheduler w/Band Comes in 4 designs: Purple Dog, Sky Blue Heart, Light Purple Cat, Pink Stand. Each scheduler has more than 100 pages for scheduling! Includes a Year Plan page, Monthly pages, weekly pages, and many memo pages. Protected by a hard cover and kept together with both double-rings and an elastic band, this scheduler won't be opening accidentally! Learn More
  2. Morning Glory Food Paperback Notebook
    Morning Glory Food Paperback Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Blue Bread, Yellow Sausage, Orange Ramen, Pink Milk. Each notebook has a front cover that is decorated by many of the colorful foods. - Colors: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink - ~24 Lined Pages - Blue Bread: Croissant, Twisted Bread and Potato Chip, Baguette and Cream, Bagel and Cream Cheese, Strawberries, Toast, Butter, Cherry Muffin - Yellow Sausage: Hotdogs, Sausage, Egg Blanket, Mustard, Bacon, Sausage Links - Orange Ramen: Ramen Noodles, Green Onion Bits, Crab Pieces, Narutomaki Fish Cake with Eyes - Pink Milk: Many White and Blue Milk Cartons, One Opened White and Yellow Milk Carton. Learn More
  3. Morning Glory Food Ring-Bound Softcover Notebook
    Morning Glory Food Ring-Bound Softcover Notebook A light and thin notebook filled with lined papers. Easy to carry around due its light weight! Comes in 3 colors: Pink Shrimp Chips, White Drumstick, Sky Blue Calamari. Colors: Pink Shrimp Chips, White Drumstick, Sky Blue Calamari. - Light - Thin - Spiral-Ring-Bound - Softcover Learn More
  4. Morning Glory Fruit Pattern Stickers
    Morning Glory Fruit Stickers The Morning Glory Fruit Stickers come in 4 designs: Purple Mango, Sky Blue Pineapple, Mint Green Peach, Pink Melon. Each packet comes with 4 sheets of stickers with 20 stickers per sheet. Regardless of the design, each sticker is the respective fruits with legs doing random things ranging from dancing, drinking, singing, having fun with other legged fruits. - Purple Mango: 20 Stickers, Mangos with legs having fun - Sky Blue Pineapple: 20 Stickers, Pineapple rings and pieces with legs - Mint Green Peach: 20 Stickers, Pink Peaches and a kiwi with legs - Pink Melon: 20 Stickers, Green Melon with white stripes with legs Learn More
  5. Golden Heart Pencil Set

    Golden Heart Pencil Set

    Regular Price: $6.00

    Special Price: $3.60

    Golden Heart Pencil Set The Golden Heart Pencil Set has 3 Different Pencil Shades: an HB, B, and 2B. There is a gold medallion with a picture at the top of each pen as well as a White, Gold, or Emerald Ruby! - Pencil Set: HB, B, 2B - Designs: Whats Up?, Heart, Dinosaur Learn More

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