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  1. My Planet Single Index File Folder
    My Planet Single Index File Folder Comes in 4 colors: Blue, Mint Green, Black, and Purple. Each filing folder is sleek and smooth. There is a tab on the side of the folder to help grab once in a filing cabinet or other filing section. Bound together on the side and the bottom of the folder to allow a more secure filing method and encourages sliding papers in. Learn More
  2. Morning Glory 2019 36 Crayon Set w/ Sharpener and Carver
    Morning Glory 2019 36 Crayon Set w/ Sharpener and Carver Comes in 2 colored box sets: Blue and Pink. Each hold the same amount and same colors of crayons, but the boxes differ in color. Within each box contains 36 different colors of the rainbow, a crayon sharpener, and a carver to blend and to design through the crayon markings. These crayons are broad initially, but with a sharpener, they can be sharpened nearly back to the original tip shape after multiple uses. Learn More
  3. Bonjour Tassel Pencil Case
    Bonjour Tassel Pencil Case Comes in 4 colors: Blue (w/Red tassel), Gray (w/Teal tassel), Pink (w/Red tassel), Navy Blue (w/Mint Green tassel). These pencil cases have a stitched texture with a zipper running along lengthwise. On the side of the pencil case hangs a tassel that you can remove with the chain it attaches with. One face of the pencil case reads "Bonjour" in the same color as the tassel. Learn More
  4. Eye Soft Dog and Cat Notebooks
    Eye Soft Dog and Cat Notebooks Comes in 4 designs: Light Blue Dog Sleeping, Mint Green Dog Over-Shoulder, Purple Cat Sleeping, Yellow Cat Over-Shoulder. Each notebook has a total of 30 lined pages and 1 index page. This paperback notebook is very light and slim. Learn More
  5. Star Wing Pencil
    Star Wing Pencil Comes in 3 designs: Secret Feeling White / Pink (B), Milky Magic Pink / Purple (2B), Cosmic Dream Light Blue / Blue (2B). Each pencil comes with a plastic top that connects a chain to a golden star and wing emblem that holds colorful gems. Secret Feeling: Decorated with a checkered pattern, wings, bunnies, and dessert! Milky Magic: Decorated with kittens in witch hats, clocks, and feathers! Cosmic Dream: Decorated with the moon and stars, wings, planets, and hearts! Learn More

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