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  1. Moongs Friends Folding Ruler
    Moongs Friends Folding Ruler Comes in 4 colors: Pink, Green, Sky Blue, Yellow. This special ruler can be folded out extending the ruler to total of 30cm. While folded, the ruler can measure 15cm. In the middle of the ruler are cute designs of the Moongs friends. Once folded out, the ruler also displays shaped-holes in the shape of a circle, star, and a pentagon! Learn More
  2. Ssueim & Cclim Compact Hardcover Notebook
    Ssueim & Cclim Compact Hardcover Notebook Comes in 4 designs: Pink Apple Juice, Sky Blue Peach Drink, Yellow Banana Drink, Mint Green Strawberry Drink. Each notebook has ~90 lined pages, two hard covers, and multiple white rings to keep it all together. Wonderful for travel. Slim enough to find a spot in your bag! Learn More
  3. Kakao Friends Epoxy Sticker - Peach
    Kakao Friends Epoxy Sticker - Peach Comes with 41 different stickers of a pink peach character that pop off out from any surface! Great to decorate any smooth-surfaced item, like the back of your phone, cups, laptop cases, and anything you can think of! Learn More
  4. Ssueim & Cclim Compact Hardcover Notebook w/Band
    Ssueim & Cclim Compact Hardcover Notebook w/Band Comes in 4 designs: Beige Mrs. Jaws, Purple Mr. Whipping, Pink Mrs. Sandwich, Mint Green Mr.Apple. Each notebook has ~95 lined pages within two hard covers. The notebook also has an elastic band attached to keep the notebook closed during storage. Wonderful to keep for travel! Options: - Beige Mrs. Jaws - Purple Mr. Whipping - Pink Mrs. Sandwich - Mint Green Mr. Apple Learn More
  5. Kiki Friends Pen
    Kiki Friends Pen Comes in 3 colors: Pink, Peach, Blue. Each pen holds black ink and has a clickable top with a character head. Smooth and made of plastic, this pen is light and wonderful for writing what's on your mind while looking cute. Options: - Pink Rabbit - Peach Bear - Blue Cat Learn More

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