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  1. Ssueim & Cclim "Have a drink" Eraser
    Ssueim & Cclim "Have a drink" Eraser Comes in 4 designs: Strawberry Milk Pack (Pink), Coke Can (Yellow), Apple Juice ( Peach ) , Yogurt ( Mint Green). Rectangular erasers and Each eraser has a paper cover to help protect the unused eraser section WARNING: DO NOT EAT. Not edible. Learn More
  2. Campus Mate Sliding Eraser and Refill
    Campus Mate Sliding Eraser and Refill Comes in two colors: Blue and Pink. Each pack has a small, but wide sliding eraser with 2 erasers total! The slide handle has a few bumps to help with grip! Learn More
  3. Planet Mechanical Pencil
    Planet Mechanical Pencil Comes in 4 colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, and Purple. Each mechanical pencil has a Planet ball on a stand on top, a transparent body with a sticky grip. Simple yet beautiful! Learn More
  4. Fruit Design 0.38mm Pen
    Fruit Design 0.38mm Pen Comes in 4 designs: Dragon Fruit, Lemon, Kiwi, and Watermelon. Each pen has a body design similar to the fruit top. All pens have black ink, a removable top cap, and light build. Learn More
  5. 8-Bit Compact Notebook
    8-Bit Compact Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Pink, Sky Blue, Mint Green, and French Blue. Each notebook has 32 lined pages, a paperback cover, and 2 staples along the spine to keep everything together! Wonderful and lightweight for travel. The cover design is simple with an 8-bit design of various items like food, study material, and a pillow for sleeping. Learn More

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