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  1. Drawing Book Flip Pad
    Drawing Book Flip Pad Comes in 4 designs: Purple Bridge, Pink Ocean Rocks, Mint Green Hill, Light Blue / Gray City. Each pad has 60 blank, thick pages, 2 hard covers, and is bound by double-rights on the top, allowing it to flip open vertically. Learn More
  2. Animal Letter Pad
    Animal Letter Pad Comes in 4 different cover designs: Purple Sand Dunes, Blue Mountain Reflection (Pink Bottom), Mint Green Penguins (Pink Background), Yellow Polar Bear (Sky Blue Background). Each letter pad has 54 sheets of 9 different designs. Different cover designs still share the same 9 sheet designs as the others. Displayed in one of the pictures are the 9 designs. Learn More
  3. Exercise Flip Notebook
    Exercise Flip Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Peach, Purple, Green, Blue. Each notebook has a total of 100 blank pages bound together by 2 covers and a spiral ring on top. Wonderful for everything you can want to use it for, drawing, sketching, note-taking. The covers are smooth but not slippery as it has texture. Decorated with vibrant colors, the front cover is designed with constellations and Saturn with the words "Exercise Notebook" within. Learn More
  4. Bonjour Bichon Paperback Notebook
    Bonjour Bichon Paperback Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Purple, Mint Green, Blue, and White. Each notebook is bound by one paperback cover, contains 30 pages of lined paper, an index, and a timetable in the back. The notebooks display a simple cover image of a background of the selected color and a poodle dog in various poses and activities. Purple: Pole Mint Green: Poke Blue: Lying down White: Various Expressions Learn More
  5. Colorful Crescent Moon Scheduler
    Colorful Crescent Moon Scheduler Comes in 4 designs: Blue/Pink Bus, Purple/Yellow Tent, Purple/Green Boat, Pink/Yellow Desert. Each scheduler comes with ~110 pages of different types (Yearly planner pages, monthly, weekly, and memo pages). On top of many scheduler pages is 2 hard covers and an elastic band to keep everything closed tight. Learn More

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