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  1. Carrot Scheduler
    Carrot Scheduler Comes in 4 colors: Navy Blue, Pink, Beige, and Orange. Every scheduler comes with ~80 pages of scheduling pages ranging from montly planning, weekly planning, and blank pages for notes! Colorful pages with carrot designs all scattered throughout brightens up the scheduling pages! The colorful covers are also protected by a plastic cover. Learn More
  2. Moongs Memo Book
    Moongs Memo Book Comes in 4 colors: Navy Blue Penguins, Sky Blue White Moong, Mint Green Panda, Beige Brown Bear. - ~80 lined pages - 7 double rings to bind the pages together - Faces of each respective Moongs character is on the front cover scattered all around. Back cover displays the different facial expressions on the central region of the cover Learn More
  3. Moongs Panda Tough Cover Ring-Bound Notebook
    Moongs Panda Tough Cover Ring-Bound Notebook With a flexible, yet hard cover, this notebook is durable. Each decorated with multiple Moongs Pandas, the covers are simple and clean. Comes in 4 colors: Navy Blue, Sky Blue Vertical, Sky Blue, Horizontal, Lime Green. Colors: Navy Blue, Sky Blue Vertical, Sky Blue, Horizontal, Lime Green. - Flexible Cover - Hard/Tough Cover - Lined Pages - Ring-Bound Pages Learn More
  4. Gentle Notebook

    Gentle Notebook

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    Gentle Notebook The Gentle Notebook is a slim notebook/memo book of ~50 lined pages for organizing your thoughts and plans. Each page contains a space for the page number as well as room for the Date. The Gentle Notebook comes in two colors: Brown and Navy Blue. Included on the inside of the cover is a pocket to store any loose pages or notes that you may have written elsewhere! The outside cover is of a leathery material, which increases its durability. - Colors: Brown, Navy Blue - Leathery Cover - Slim - ~50 Lined Pages - Internal Cover Pocket Learn More
  5. Paris - Colorful Memories Notebook
    Paris - Colorful Memories Notebook The Paris - Colorful Memories Notebook comes in 4 different colors: Navy Blue, Mint Green, Purple, Yellow. The paperback covers have a rainbow, reflective print of the Eiffel Tower and stars in the front and a plain back. The notebook is small and light, easy for transportation. - Colors: Navy Blue, Mint Green, Purple, Yellow - 30 Lined Pages - 27 Lines per page - Shiny cover Design Learn More

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