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  1. Music Staff Notebooks
    Music Staff Notebooks These music notebooks come in 4 designs: Brown Violin, Sky Blue Umbrella, Mint Green Guitar, White Waves. Each notebook comes with ~20 music staffed pages on a soft, tan page. The covers are all sleak, and shiny with a simple and soft-color design. Learn More
  2. Seize the Day Bound Notebook
    Seize the Day Bound Notebook Comes in 4 colors: Red Moped, Navy Blue Car, Light Blue Flower Shop, Beige Bakery. Each notebook has 100 lined pages surrounded by two hard covers bound together by double-rings. Learn More
  3. Gudetama Mini Index Notebook 5 Sections
    Gudetama Mini Index Notebook 5 Sections Comes in 4 designs: White Cracked Egg, Orange Fried Rice, Yellow Sit, Striped Cuddles. Each mini index notebook has a total of 125 lined pages divided by 4 colorful dividers. Bound together by multiple double-rings, these pages are protected by two plastic covers with a cute/funny design of Gudetama. Wonderful for multi-class notes! Learn More
  4. Moongs Animal Compact Notebook
    Moongs Animal Compact Notebook Comes in 4 designs: Mint Green Puppy, Sky Blue Penguin, Pink Kitten, Lime Green Dinosaur. Each compact notebook comes with ~30 pages of line paper with a heading and page number line. Colorful, light, and cute! Each animal is shiny once in the right angle against light! Learn More
  5. Carrot Scheduler
    Carrot Scheduler Comes in 4 colors: Navy Blue, Pink, Beige, and Orange. Every scheduler comes with ~80 pages of scheduling pages ranging from montly planning, weekly planning, and blank pages for notes! Colorful pages with carrot designs all scattered throughout brightens up the scheduling pages! The colorful covers are also protected by a plastic cover. Learn More

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