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  1. My Friends Compact Notebook w/ Lock
    My Friends Compact Notebook w/ Lock Comes in 4 designs: Pink Macaroons, Mint Green Clothes, Beige Pretzels, White Shrimp Chips. Each notebook comes with 80 colorful lined pages that cycle 8 different page designs. Surrounded by 2 hard covers, bound by multiple brown double-rings, and sealed shut by a metalic lock-and-key combination, the secrets in this notebook can be kept safe. Options: - Pink Macaroons - Mint Green Clothes - Beige Pretzels - White Shrimp Chips Learn More
  2. Piano Pencil Case
    Piano Pencil Case Comes in 4 designs: Black "I <3 Music", Black "Good Things Take Time", Sky Blue "Music Is A Way Of Life", Mint Green "Choose Your Own Path". Each pencil case has a sown pattern along with a metallic zipper. These cases have a simple design of keys on a piano lined up along the length of the case. Options: - Black "I <3 Music" - Black "Good Things Take Time" - Sky Blue "Music Is A Way Of Life" - Mint Green "Choose Your Own Path" Learn More
  3. Moongs Big Milk Pencil Case
    Moongs Big Milk Pencil Case Comes in 3 designs: Mint Green Chocolate, Yellow Banana, Sky Blue Milk. Each pencil case is made of a leathery material, stitched with a white thread, and comes with a zipper. This is a bigger version of our popular Moongs Milk Pencil Case allowing for more room to store all your office/school supply needs! Options: - Mint Green Chocolate - Yellow Banana - Sky Blue Milk Learn More
  4. The Classic 100 Days Notebook
    The Classic 100 Days Notebook These hard-cover notebooks come in 2 colors: Brown and Blue. Each notebook comes with a smooth bookmark bound to the cover and also 100+ pages. The pages have a lined side in which you can place the date, and another side which is blank. Each page is a different color and border design ranging from Pink, Green, Purple, White, and Beige. - 100+ pages - Hard Cover - Bookmark Learn More
  5. Moongs Milk Pencil Pouch
    Moongs Milk Pencil Pouch These cute pencil case pouches come in 4 colors: Mint Green (Milk Chocolate), Sky Blue (Fresh Milk), Pink (Strawberry Milk), Yellow (Banana Milk). The cover of each patch has a Moongs Friends character face and an image of the respective flavor. - Colors: Mint Green, Sky Blue, Pink, Yellow - Leathery Case with a zipper - Can hold items no longer than 6 inches. Learn More

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