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  1. Hello Kitty 36 Color Crayon Box

    Hello Kitty 36 Color Crayon Box

    Regular Price: $17.00

    Special Price: $12.99

    Hello Kitty 36 Color Crayon Box Includes a wide range of colored crayons, each with their own crayon holder within the box. To help simplify the colors: 9 Shades of Red (oranges, yellows, and white), 9 Shades of Blue (greens, teal), 9 Shades of Gray (black, dark blue, includes purple), 9 variety colors (brown, pink, gold, silver). All have the same paper cover near the bottom half of each crayon of Hello Kitty. The hard cases that encase the crayons come in Red and Pink and have the same colors of crayons. Learn More
  2. Popo Fancy Milk Carton Pencil Case
    Popo Fancy Milk Carton Pencil Case Comes in 4 designs: Yellow Banana Milk, Pink Strawberry Milk, Blue Regular Milk, Brown Chocolate Milk. Each pencil case is designed as a milk carton with a zipper on the length-side of the back. Decorated with their respective flavors, these cartons also display a banana character drinking milk and smiling! Learn More
  3. Cookie Snack Pencil Pouch
    Cookie Snack Pencil Pouch Comes in 4 designs: Light Blue Biscuit, Blue Cookies, Pink Cookies, Mint Green Chocolate. These pencil pouches have a zipper in the middle of the back of the pouch, and is design with cute Moongs snacks. The pouches are made of a leathery material. Learn More
  4. Colorful Crescent Moon Scheduler
    Colorful Crescent Moon Scheduler Comes in 4 designs: Blue/Pink Bus, Purple/Yellow Tent, Purple/Green Boat, Pink/Yellow Desert. Each scheduler comes with ~110 pages of different types (Yearly planner pages, monthly, weekly, and memo pages). On top of many scheduler pages is 2 hard covers and an elastic band to keep everything closed tight. Learn More
  5. Milk Carton Pencil Sharpener
    Milk Carton Pencil Sharpener Comes in 2 colors: Pink and Blue. Both variants have a crank at the back of the pencil sharpener to grind the pencil, a "straw" lever to clamp onto the pencil that has been inserted, and a removable bottom to dispose of the pencil shavings. The face of the Milk Carton-shaped sharpener shows 2 eyes, a mouth, and blushing cheeks. Learn More

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