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  1. Hello Kitty Dessert Mug
    Hello Kitty Dessert Mug A white ceramic mug decorated with a pink color with various desserts (cakes, donuts, and more) all around. Hello Kitty is in the sides of the cup holding a donut with name Hello Kitty between her. Learn More
  2. Hello Kitty Berry Mug
    Hello Kitty Berry Mug A ceramic Hello Kitty mug decorated with blue hearts, red and pink cherries, peaches, and strawberries on a white background. The design displays Hello Kitty doing multiple actions such as picking up the berries. In the center of the mug is a purple heart with the words "Hello Kitty She's so kawaii!" in the middle. Learn More
  3. Gudetama Mug

    Gudetama Mug


    Gudetama Mug A simple, white mug with an orange interior. This mug has Gudetama hugging egg white blanket while laying on it as a face design. There is also a Gudetama laying on its back within the mug. 3-inch inner diameter. Learn More
  4. Cat Mug, Lid, & Spoon - Gray
    Cat Mug, Lid, & Spoon - Gray A ceramic mug that has a cat-shaped handle, a cat-shaped ceramic lid with an opening for a metallic spoon, which is also included, come in this set. The handle and lid are both gray. The side of the mug reads "Because I will Accompany You" with an image of a cat sleeping on a fish. - Handle, Lid, Spoon included - Holds 380ml of liquid Learn More
  5. Animal Mugs "Please Stay With Me" - Dinosaur
    Animal Mugs "Please Stay With Me" - Dinosaur Each mug comes with a ceramic cover with a little animal on the top of it. This mug displays a green dinosaur on the side, green handle, brown outlining near the top of the mug, and a little green bird on top of the mug lid - Ceramic - Mug & Lid - Can hold 400ml = 1.6 cups of liquid Learn More

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