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  1. Moongs Letter Set
    Moongs Letter Set The Moongs Letter Set comes in 3 different designs: Brown Bear, Panda Bear, White Moong. Each letter set comes with two letter pages in the shape of the round Moongs and two envelops. The color of the envelops differ depending on the design. Brown Bear: Mint Green Envelop, Panda Bear: Lime Green Envelop, White Moong: Red Envelop. On the back of each letter pages are 8 dividing lines to write down your thoughts. On the front is a design of each Moong holding a different item. Brown Bear is holding an envelop with a heart seal, Panda Bear is holding a sparkling heart that reads "Thank you", White Moong is holding a sparkling heart that reads "For you." Design: - Brown Bear - Mint Green Envelop - Heart Seal Envelop - Panda Bear - Lime Green Envelop - Heart "Thank you" - White Moong - Red Envelop - Heart "For you" Learn More

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