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Letter Sets

  1. Moongs Letter Set v3 - Mint Green
    Moongs Letter Set v3 - Mint Green Comes with 2 pages shaped as a Moong pointing and winking and 2 Mint Green Envelopes . On the back of each page are blank, striped room for you to write your letter. Each front Moong has a dialogue bubble for you to leave a message! Learn More
  2. Moongs Letter Set v2
    Moongs Letter Set v2 Cute and soft on the eyes, Moongs Letter Set is wonderful for those thoughtful letters to those you love. Comes in 3 colors and designs: - Pink Food-on-a-stick - Beige Potted Plants - Mint Green Pastries Each letter set comes with 5 adorable lined pages and 3 envelopes. Learn More

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