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  1. Moongs Friends Folding Ruler
    Moongs Friends Folding Ruler Comes in 4 colors: Pink, Green, Sky Blue, Yellow. This special ruler can be folded out extending the ruler to total of 30cm. While folded, the ruler can measure 15cm. In the middle of the ruler are cute designs of the Moongs friends. Once folded out, the ruler also displays shaped-holes in the shape of a circle, star, and a pentagon! Learn More
  2. Moongs Panda Ruler
    Moongs Panda Ruler - 15 CM - Transparent - Color Scheme: Gray or Sky Blue - Moongs Panda doing cute things Learn More
  3. Moongs 15cm Ruler
    Moongs 15cm Ruler The Moongs 15cm Ruler comes in 2 Different Colors: Mint Green or Navy Blue. Each ruler comes with a picture of Moongs either disguising himself as a Seal or a Penguin. It is 160mm x 26mm. - 15cm - 2 Different Colors: Mint Green or Navy Blue Learn More

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