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  1. Bium transparent Ruler 15cm
    Bium transparent Ruler 15cm These rulers come in 2 different designs : transparent brown and transparent white .larger font for left-handed person Length: 6.25 inch Width: 1.25 inch Learn More
  2. Slim Type Color Index Tape
    Slim Type Color Index Tape (20 sheets per each color, 6mm X 45mm ). 8 colors (Scarlet Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Navy, Purple). Can attach in B6 ring binder. Learn More
  3. Smart Ruler (15cm) - Watch
    15cm Ruler w/ Iron board for cutting . It reads " Wrist Watch , What do you want to be in future ? " Learn More
  4. New Simple Type Color Index Tape
    New Simple Type Color Index Tape ( 20 sheets X 5 colors , 10mm X 45mm ) , available at B6 Binder. Learn More
  5. Simple Type Index Tape - Black
    20 sheets X 5 color, each size (10mmX45mm) w/Hole usable B6 Size Diary Learn More

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