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  1. Clip-On Index Tape 3 Color
    Clip-On Index Tape 3 Color Comes with 60 sticky 3 colors memo ( each 20 sheet x 3 colors ) pages of each color ( Green , Blue Green , Purple ) peel off easily. The pages are thin, slim, and translucent with a sticky backing. - Each sticky Index size - 10mm x 44mm Learn More
  2. Super Glue Stick Plus+
    Super Glue Stick Plus+ This hefty glue stick is non-toxic and very powerful on paper. Comes with a sealable top cap and a bottom knob to turn. Wonderful for arts and craft! Learn More
  3. Pop-Up 9 Color Index Tape
    Pop-Up 9 Color Index Tape Comes with 9 different colored tapes that have 10 sheets each. Once you pull one out, the next tape lip pops up to be used. Easy to use, and wonderful for organizing your notes! Learn More
  4. Check-It 5 Color Index Tape
    Check-It 5 Color Index Tape Comes with 5 different colored indexing tape. Each with room to write a small note or label so you can stick it on the page. Each item has 20 sheets of each of the 5 colors, giving you 100 index tapes total. 44mm x 12mm per tape Learn More
  5. Moongs Friends Folding Ruler
    Moongs Friends Folding Ruler Comes in 4 colors: Pink, Green, Sky Blue, Yellow. This special ruler can be folded out extending the ruler to total of 30cm. While folded, the ruler can measure 15cm. In the middle of the ruler are cute designs of the Moongs friends. Once folded out, the ruler also displays shaped-holes in the shape of a circle, star, and a pentagon! Learn More

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